16 September 2011

Last days on koh Tao

Last days were very chilled. We met two German girls that we hung around with a bit. We rented a little boat one day and drove around the island to all the cool snorkeling spots. And when the sun started to go down we stopped at Shark Bay hoping to see some sharks. Since it's started to be dark the vision wasn't too good but it's the time when it's most likely to see a shark. All of us swam around without any luck, but then the two German girls waved at me that they saw a shark near them, they were pretty far away but I decided to swim towards them anyway and as soon as a looked down under water again I saw a shark swimming right underneath me very very slowly, it must have been round about 1,5 meter long but since everything is magnified under water you don't know for sure. But it was very exciting! After that I saw another shark, not as close but a bit bigger. The other guys saw a few sharks as well so the whole trip payed off.

Otherwise we spend most of the time in Rasta Bar that belonged to our resort. It was always chilled people around and the guys who works there is really cool. Especially Osian and "Johnny Depp".

The pics from the beach is from one morning when we partied all night long, and our room got invaded by millions of bees so we decided to go down and sleep on the beach at dawn and wait for the bees to die. So we took our dogs, played around a bit and then slept for a few hours.

I dont know if this blog entry makes any sense but it's a little recap at least.

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