23 September 2011


Because of the bad weather in Darjeeling, we decided to leave and come back later, in the end of the trip when it's season for trekking and then go to Nepal.

We took a toy train to a little village down the mountains and then a taxi rest of the way to the train station in new jaipuguri. Finally there we bought a train ticket to Varanasi the same evening. BUT it was an open ticket which means we didn't get any seat number. You just have to go on to the train and hope you find a spot to crash and to fight for a spot with thousand Indians isn't easy. We failed big time and decided to skip that train, check in to a hotel for the night and take the train the day after, this time with seat numbers.

So we grabbed a rickshaw to take us to a area with some hotels. After a 5 min drive we stopped in front of a hotel, Malli got out first then I was about to step out when everything started to shake like crazy! Everyone around us panicked, started to run out from the buildings, the electricity went out, a guy and a sign fell down from I don't know where, the rickshaw driver panicked as well and drove off with me stuck with my backpack in the door, but I managed to get free and fell to the ground. I got up, it stopped shaking and me and Malli just looked at each other like two morons that had no clue what was going on. This was the most scary and adrenaline pumping 10 seconds in my life and it was the first earthquake I've been in.

The next day we could see it all over the news. The shake measured 6.8 on the Richters scale. Epi center was near Gangtok less than 20 km from Darjeeling, which were hit pretty hard by the quake. So we kinda escaped the area where the damage from the earthquake was the worst with just 2 hours. And if we would have stayed in Darjeeling like we were suppose to we would've been stuck there now because all the roads from there were damage.

Sorry but I dont have any pics from the earthquake. Didn't have time to grab my camera:)


Location:New jaipuguri

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