16 September 2011

Darjeeling limited

The train ride from Kolkata to Darjeeling was pretty pleasant and uneventful. Walking around for 7h with our backpacks in the rain from café to cafè until we could collect our train tickets and go to the station made us exhausted and both Malli and me slept quite good on the train.

After 10 hours on the train was it time for a car ride up the mountains. We thought it wasn't gonna be so far away, 20-30 min maybe. Man we were wrong! It took more than 3 hours and it was one of the worst rides I had in my life. 10 people squeezed in to a little van, roads full of holes and rocks, accelerate, braking, turning, accelerate again, braking again. From one carsick to another: this is THE worst driving you can be put trough. And on top of that one of the Indians started to sing Indian tradition songs. Don't get me wrong he had a lovely pipe, but with the puke up in my throat I just wanted to whack my guitar in his head and tell him to shut up!

I made it tho, without puking. And Darjeeling is one of the most beautiful places I've seen. The vibe, the people, the view is just awesome here. Compare it to Kolkata and it was like going from Hell to Heaven. We found a really nice guesthouse and Sorry to nag about the view again but the view from our room over the mountains it just stunning! We literay live over the clouds that's how high up we're right now (2135 meter over sea level).

Very thick clouds in the background and it's a bit chilly.


Location:Kolkata to Darjeeling

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