02 March 2011

Oscars winners and losers

So as we all know and almost all of us think that  the Oscars 2011 was one of the worst ever. The whole show was just stressful and fucking boring. The hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway did a shit job and Mr. Franco just seemed very bored, maybe it's was just an act who knows, it didn't please me at all tho thats for sure.

No bigger surprises when it came to winners of best picture, best actor and actress. I was a bit surprised by the winner of best director and the fact that Inception won 4 oscars, well deserved I must say.

Then we come to the bet me and Malli had. If you know who and what that won and you didn't skip math class in school to smoke behind the cafeteria to be one of the cool kids you know by now who's the winner and loser.  

Malli= WINNER (16 correct picks)   Yella= LOSER (10 correct picks)

So the punishment for the loser (Me) is that I have to cook, do the dishes and clean the whole week. AAAAAH. So I've been to busy fulfilling my punishment to do this update until now and maybe I didn't wanna tell the world Im a loser as well but thats how it is folks! But just you wait to next years Oscars, Im gonna beat his movie-nerd arse and make him cook dinner for the rest of the year!

Yeah "pfffst" thats what I say about you guys..

Winner of Best supporting Actor: Christian Bale (The Fighter)
Winner of Best Actress: Nathalie Portman (The Swan)
Winner of Best supporting Actress: Melissa Leo (The fighter)
Winner of Best Actror: Colin Firth (the Kings Speech)

Melissa Leo has the best "OMG-I-won-an-Oscar-face" 
and even suceded to shout "fuck" in her acceptance speech.

Sandra Bullock at the red carpet. She was one of few who 
actually were funny this year at the Oscars. Good on you!

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