07 February 2011


Goon Pong is according to me one of the best drinking games ever! You have a lot of fun, find friends very easy and get smashed quicker than you can say GooN PoNG! I have so many funny memories from playing it and lost a lot of them as well! But man, nothing beats a goon pong game on a hot summer day with your friends!!

And here are the GooN PoNG RULES. 
(Please remind me if I forgot any of them)

You need: 20 cups, two ping pong balls, a table, goon or what you prefer to drink ,two teams, each with 2-3 players.

Each team get 10 cups to place like the bowling pins on the end of the table.

The game’s point is to hit the opposite teams cups with the Ping Pong balls. As soon as you hit a cup the opposite team have to drink that cup and it’s out of the game. The team who get rid of all the cups first, WIN. And the loosing team has to drink all the remaining cups on the opposite side of the table and the ones on their own side.  The winning team stays on for another game and gets the opportunity to get even drunker!

>> You can throw or bounce the ball in to the cups.

>> Each team gets to throw two balls in one round.

>> If you throw it the opposite team are not allowed to touch the ball.

>> If you bounce it they are allowed to slap the ball away before it hits the cups.

>> If you hit a cup when you throw it in, it’s a single drink.

>> If you hit a cup with a bounce it’s a double drink

>> If you hit the same cup with two balls it’s a double drink and you get an extra Shot.

>> If you hit a cup with a bounce and a second ball it’s a full cup.

>> If you hit the same cup with three balls it’s a full cup. 

Each team can do one restack whenever they want during the game.

If you knock a cup over without the ball in it, the cup is filled up and placed where it stood before.

If you knock your own cups over during a game you have to fill it up, drink it, fill it up again and place it where it stood before.

If you slap away a ball that wasn’t bounced, the opposite team gets to throw again.

GooN PoNG forever!



  1. You forgot to mention that you can blow the ball out of the cup as long as it has not touched the goon! So if it spins around you can blow it out!
    Then you get like an extra shot or whatever. Never seen this rule in action, though, because it is rather hard oO

  2. oh yes thats right max! thank you, I know that people actually did it, but its very hard to do... and that people hit a cup bouncing the ball on the wall, thats skills man!!!

  3. I was looking for a picture of Goon Pong, and surprise i found your blog about ChiliBlue... so good memory ^^