11 June 2011

At the Movies: Super 8

Today we went to the cinema to see Super 8. It was so long ago we went to the cinema. I just love it. It something about it, the smell of popcorn, melted butter, the excitement, big screen. A feeling you can't get watching a movie at home, even tho some have these "home cinemas" it's just not the same.

I've been looking forward to see Super 8 for a long time so my expectations was pretty high. And I wasn't disappointed. It's a very good movie. A mix between ET and Aliens, you prob heard that a lot about this movie but it's the best way of explaining it. The movies has a heart witch is very important. And they really succeeded to keep all the mysteries secret which made it very interesting. The ending is a little cheesy and too much, but still a good movie. Totally worth to spend money on instead of this other crap like Transformers 3 or Rise of the planet of the apes (weird title by the way)

Yeah I think that's it. Here's the trailer:


10 June 2011

Online Window Shopping

These days the only shopping I do is for things I really need, and then I mean REALLY need or of course window shopping. First of all I feel it's so unnecessary to spend heaps of money on it, I rather spend more time and money travelling than having a big wardrobe. which brings us to the second reason: I don't want to throw away half of my clothes since "travel light" is a motto Im intend to follow. Ha! Im already going to trow away heaps of stuff so why spend money on something Im going to trow away, kinda stupid huh?!

But some times I just feel like buying new fresh clothes and stuff I usually would wear to feel like myself again. I have no style at the moment. 

Anyway here's few of my favourites from the online window shopping today:

Secondhand Military hat.
Will make any outfit look good.

Bomber jacket & Second skin Jeans
from Cheap Monday

Black dress from Revolve clothing.
White leather vest.

Crochet dress from Revolve Clothing.
Chiffon dress from H&M. 

07 June 2011

Fat VS Skinny

This is a photo of me nearly a year ago and a current photo. I must say that I hardly recognised myself, look at my face it's so puffy! I always tried to gain weight because I thought I was to skinny with my 163 cm and 49 KG. But to be honest, when I see this picture and I know how uncomfortable I felt  with the extra kilos (+ 11) I had, Im pleased to be back to my usual weight now. I think it suits me more and it's what Im used to. 


05 June 2011


I made a little map over India and where I would like to go when ever we get our thumbs out of our butts to actually start some real travelling. The "plan" is to go to Thailand first, just chilling, get a tan, do some shopping. Then fly over to India. These are just a few places I find interesting to go to, I know I prob wont see them all and a few other places will come along instead. Nepal would be cool to see as well but we'll se what happens. So far have my plans since i left sweden (19 months ago, that was suppose to be 4 months) not turned out as I planned them at all, which been both positive and negative. The point is, I won't make any plans, just have guidelines what I want to do and go, then see what happens. That worked out so far so I'm sticking to it.