11 June 2011

At the Movies: Super 8

Today we went to the cinema to see Super 8. It was so long ago we went to the cinema. I just love it. It something about it, the smell of popcorn, melted butter, the excitement, big screen. A feeling you can't get watching a movie at home, even tho some have these "home cinemas" it's just not the same.

I've been looking forward to see Super 8 for a long time so my expectations was pretty high. And I wasn't disappointed. It's a very good movie. A mix between ET and Aliens, you prob heard that a lot about this movie but it's the best way of explaining it. The movies has a heart witch is very important. And they really succeeded to keep all the mysteries secret which made it very interesting. The ending is a little cheesy and too much, but still a good movie. Totally worth to spend money on instead of this other crap like Transformers 3 or Rise of the planet of the apes (weird title by the way)

Yeah I think that's it. Here's the trailer:


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