10 May 2011

All I see is Eurovision copies

All right! The Eurovision song contest 2011 is getting closer. And it's hosted on Saturday by Germany. They're competing with the same artist that won last year - Lena Mayer. This was the 2nd win for germany through history, last they won was 1982 so it's understandable and nice that they honour little Lena to represent Germany in her home country. However. I was zooming around on the Official site for the Eurovision and had a look at everyone who is competing. And BOOM! It was like an explosion of little Lenas'! I could find at least 9 copies of her, I don't know about the songs but the concept. Young, pretty, dark headed girl in a black dress. I heard that some of them even copied some dance moves from her act last year. It's kinda funny. 

And even more funny because all the hysteria around the Swedish act. They accuse him for copying the song, dance moves and the glass cage. Don't get me wrong I hate the swedish song, It's just one of those songs that will end up on CD's like "Hits for kidz" it's fucking embarrassing. But I don't get what the fuss is about. COME ON! 9 copies of the former winner? That's something to make fuss about, I'm just saying...  

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