11 May 2011

Sweden VS Germany

This morning we woke up 4 in the morning to watch the quarterfinal in ice hockey between Sweden and Germany. Thank-whateveritisthatissoawesomeitshardtoputwordsonit-thing (taking a breath) for Live TV online! I was a bit nervous that Swe was going to lose, that would be a disaster. Especially when the swedish media and people was so cocky and sure they were gonna win. Even the gambling companies said that if sweden lost they would give all the money back for the bets! OMG! 

Anyway. We saw maybe 15 min of the game then we fell asleep again until it was time to get up for work an hour later.  As soon we came to work we looked up the result online, and surprise surprise Sweden won 5-2! Sorry Germany better luck next time. Or maybe in the Eurovision were you will kick Sweden's ass for sure. 


1 comment:

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