30 May 2011

Travel fever

AAaaaaah! Today I got TRAVEL-FEVER (to make a swedish expression english) I just wanna go away to a new, warm, exciting place with different people. Can't stand all these stuck-up people that surround us right now. I'm feeling unfriendly and has become a human hater lately for no reason really. So I think I really need to change environment and meet new kinds of people, be in a different situation and enjoy life a little bit more. 

Right now I don't even have the energy to make new friends because I know that I'm gonna leave soon and never see them again anyway, just a waste of time and soul. But to be honest: I haven't  met that many people I wanna hang around with here anyway. The people I've met that I DO like, is away on travels now, going back home soon or living 600 miles away or on the other side of the world. woo-pi-doo.

I guess it's the way it is when you live like a  gypsy. Maybe Im just sick of the city life. When we leave this place for another i'm gonna rent a little hut on the beach sleep in a hammock and eat coconuts all day long and just be. That's exactly how I wanna live. No luxury, no unnecessary material shit just the ocean, sand between my toes, some music and nice people around me.


29 May 2011

Mommy day

It's mothers day in Sweden today. So I just have one thing to say: Happy Mothers day Mum! Hope you'll get a great day! So glad I have you!<3

Here's a song from your little gypsies in Oz: 


26 May 2011

Sick Baboon

So. Not much have been going on the last week. After the hard drinking and partying last weekend it seems like I still haven't recovered. I hate to whine but I just have to for once.   The whole week has been filled of akin body parts, my throat, my stomach, my head, a tired body, an eye infection, a strange little lump on my jaw...?! Bah! It's not as bad as it sounds, it not even a bad flue or something, it's just horrible because it all different things came at the same time. 

Enough about the whining it's pathetic . I drew this picture to illustrate how I felt this week or more likely how I looked like:


14 May 2011

My top 10

This is the songs I think is gonna end up in the top 10 in the Eurovision:

(they are listed in no particular order. Only the winner)


The Eurovision Final: Bets

Of course we made a little bet about the Eurovision. We both picked a song we think is gonna win. Then the song that get the best place wins. Of course if you picked the song that win the whole competition you'll win the bet for sure. 

The loser has to buy the winner song and listen to it once everyday for the next 2 weeks. So let's hope the winner song is a song you actually can stand otherwise my ears will bleed after a few days. 

This is our choices:


13 May 2011

Cozy Friday

Even tho it was friday 13th, it was a very nice day. After work Malli and me went to the shopping mall close to work to buy some warm clothes since its freezing cold in the mornings and evenings. During the day its very nice, the sun is shining and it's like +20.  But the mornings is horrible and the warehouse is like a fridge, so it was time to buy some warm clothes, everything from hoodies, long pants, hats, Uggs, knitted socks bla bla bla.. yeah you get the picture.

After the shopping spree we bought pizza and heaps of candy to have a really cozy friday and watch the second semi final of the Eurovision song contest. Mmm pizza I haven't had real pizza since I was in Sydney which is about..... 9 months ago, Oh! We avoided to read the news all day so we wouldn't know which countries that made it to the final and ruin the whole show. 

All of my favourites went trough. And even Sweden got a spot in the final. But I think that's the end of Sweden's luck in this competition.


11 May 2011

Sweden VS Germany

This morning we woke up 4 in the morning to watch the quarterfinal in ice hockey between Sweden and Germany. Thank-whateveritisthatissoawesomeitshardtoputwordsonit-thing (taking a breath) for Live TV online! I was a bit nervous that Swe was going to lose, that would be a disaster. Especially when the swedish media and people was so cocky and sure they were gonna win. Even the gambling companies said that if sweden lost they would give all the money back for the bets! OMG! 

Anyway. We saw maybe 15 min of the game then we fell asleep again until it was time to get up for work an hour later.  As soon we came to work we looked up the result online, and surprise surprise Sweden won 5-2! Sorry Germany better luck next time. Or maybe in the Eurovision were you will kick Sweden's ass for sure. 



Ok just a little quickie. Saw the movie "Babies" the other day, and it's brilliant. I had so many laughs. The movie is basically about 4 newborn babies in 4 different parts of the world and their first year. Might seem cheesy but they really made a great movie out of it and I love the idea and it's so cool to see the parallels. A must see movie folks!


10 May 2011

All I see is Eurovision copies

All right! The Eurovision song contest 2011 is getting closer. And it's hosted on Saturday by Germany. They're competing with the same artist that won last year - Lena Mayer. This was the 2nd win for germany through history, last they won was 1982 so it's understandable and nice that they honour little Lena to represent Germany in her home country. However. I was zooming around on the Official site for the Eurovision and had a look at everyone who is competing. And BOOM! It was like an explosion of little Lenas'! I could find at least 9 copies of her, I don't know about the songs but the concept. Young, pretty, dark headed girl in a black dress. I heard that some of them even copied some dance moves from her act last year. It's kinda funny. 

And even more funny because all the hysteria around the Swedish act. They accuse him for copying the song, dance moves and the glass cage. Don't get me wrong I hate the swedish song, It's just one of those songs that will end up on CD's like "Hits for kidz" it's fucking embarrassing. But I don't get what the fuss is about. COME ON! 9 copies of the former winner? That's something to make fuss about, I'm just saying...  

05 May 2011

Real or Fake?

I was chilling around on the Internet right. Read a few blogs and articles and this theme of physical appearance keeps coming back. I know it's no news that people are vain and the society helps to create this picture of the perfect body. But it's disgusting how all these lifestyle magazines writes about "How to look like a movie star", "Do this to get a 6-pack", "Eat this to loose weight",  "Get rid of your flaws"


That’s what they spit in you face every time you read an article about this SHIT. 

I'm not saying Im not a victim of this phenomenon. But one thing is for sure, I always did it for myself, not for someone else.

Love your self. Life is too short to please others or not enjoy it full out. 


02 May 2011

Yellas Art Studio

One thing I love the most with the iPad is that it's so easy to be creative. There's so many apps when it comes to art, music and photo. Even tho I prefer to create stuff with my own hands and real materials, the iPad is a very nice substitute and it's very handy when you're not at home or traveling. 

Of course it's not exactly the same thing to draw digital than "analog" it's a little bit harder, or easier depends on want you what to create. Anyway here's few of my latest drawings that I made on my iPad: