12 December 2011

Soon the end is over

Only one week left in Nepal and this slack life of ours. Then it's back to another reality. People say I'm going back to my real life, that traveling is only an escape from my actual life. But that's not true. Not the way I feel. One part of my life is at home with my friends and family. The other is to vagabond around the world. Both equally real and important.

The anxiety is on top for me to separate from Malli for a while so what's better than make the best of it. And we do it with whiskey, music and love.


04 December 2011

Puking, sneezing and biking

So we left the overcrowded Kathmandu for a little mountain/lake town called Pokhara. And the plan was and still is to do some trekking in the Himalayas. We've been here like over a week already but no trekking so far. I've been sick as a dog with the flue and on top of that food poisoning. Not the way I wanna spend my last time traveling and my last time with Malli but what can you do? Not a god damn thing!

We did however a little bike trip around the lake the second day which was a lot of fun. The roads here are just mad and without springs on the bikes it was quite a challenge but of course we managed without trouble what did you expect?