25 July 2012

ich bin ein Berliner

Had an awesome mini holiday in Berlin. A lot of laughs, beers, currywurst, cool people and thank you Becca and Robert for making my stay even better!

12 July 2012

Gypsy Yella Biker Vest

Finally done with my biker vest. I must say Im pleased with the result, even tho I know I cheated a little in the construction. 

08 July 2012

No more double shifts

Working early in the morning at the school then the night shift the same day at the gas station (= 26 hours awake) when it's a festival in town and all your costumers are drunk rednecks, this picture is the only way to explain how I feel at this point.. Good bye

06 July 2012

Propagating guitar-rock to kids, again.

Me and the kids at work made a guitar this week. It makes no sound but "it's the bestest and most gorgeous guitar in the whole world" to quote the kids. I had fun, they had fun making it and now we rock!

03 July 2012

I love presents!

I got the best surprise in my postbox today. A package from Australia and my dear friend Tanya. Oh lordi lordi, I just love the scarf and bag I got! Thank you babe, you made my day!


01 July 2012

Rock it little niece

Finally my little niece is home in Sweden! And I couldn't resist to give her a welcome-home present: a teeny-tiny guitar, in pink of course since that's the only colour on her mind. But she'll rock that little pink guitar, I know it!