28 March 2012

Secondhand is the shit!

I found my brothers old denim vest in the basement and decided to revive it. I know more things will be added but ah, I already love it so much! 

27 March 2012


Hahaha found this article in an old magazine. Credit for the punchline..

19 March 2012

Love St. Patricks day

This years St. Patrick's was heaps of fun even tho no Irish was around. The night was full of Live Irish music, drunk and fun people and beer, beer, beer! And I remember most of it and didn't fall asleep at some random toilet like previous years..! 

16 March 2012

Piss head

I got a surprise in the fridge today: This beer can from my mums husband. "well, the little madam likes skulls so I thought she would like this one.." haha You made my day!

11 March 2012

Crocheting skulls therapy

Baby, being away from you is boring and frustrating. And this is how I cope with the frustration: Being a little granny crocheting skulls. At least it brings out my creative side. 

Create your own skull, pattern for free here

10 March 2012

Family night with charades

Here's some pics from the little "family-and-friends-get-together" we had last week. Good food, good drinks, good? charades and a lot of fun!