21 February 2012

Song on repeat

Oh Nico, I just can't stop listen to this song of yours. Theeeeese daaaaaaaysssss...

18 February 2012

Fuck yeah it's loppis!

Saturday morning was dedicated to a "Loppis" the swedish word for flea market or junk sale. Me and mum did a big clean up in the basement and sold at least 2/3 of our stuff and nonsence with a pretty good profit. Oh yeah this is rock'n'roll! ... or...hmm..


16 February 2012

Bitch tits!

Cant help to find it very funny and creative! Well done MAD magazine.

Source: http://www.dccomics.com/mad/downloads/

15 February 2012

Snowy Sweden

Welcome to the cold and snow covered Sweden where the only way to keep warm is with Russian fur hats, knitted socks and shots of Vodka.
I know it's snow every year, but I haven't seen snow for 2,5 years so I'm quite excited. If I don't have to go out of course, then it's a pain in the arse! 

14 February 2012

New Year. New adventures

So. Im not gonna apologise for my absence on my blog. Fuck that. But I guess a little recap is necessary so y'all know what Im talking about from now on. Here we go:

Back in sweden after a month in Dubai as a nanny. Cuddle and party with friends and family. Searching for jobs in my hometown. Studying for a forklift licence. Working a few hours every now and then as a substitute teacher. Looking for flats. Hating the cold and snow. Thats it.

As stated many times before: Im useless taking pics. But here's two from Dubai with my niece.