13 April 2011

Useless blogging

Ok, Im terrible at blogging. But the reason for the the lack of posts is that I felt nothing has been interesting enough to write about. But then I reminded myself that my blog is suppose to be full of shit, that's what 90 % of all the other blogs is full of anyway. So Im gonna try to fill my blog with useless stuff again. Try to highlight the moments of gold in my (at this point) kinda boring everyday life.

Im gonna start with when Baby and me drank way to many bottles of wine the other night and thought it was time to smash my old computer á la rock'n'roll cliché style.. hey hey hey- NO, not throw it out of the window, just smash it to the ground and fuck around with all the bits and pieces. 


We found a cool thingi in the screen, it's like see-trough-plastic 
that reflects you like a mirror but from behind, scary stuff.. 



  1. Kinda reminds me of the time when I was to witness a real epic fight between a girl and her boyfriend, that climaxed in him taking her mobile and throwing it at her. He missed, the phone hit a wall and subsequently exploded into tiny pieces.

    there was this werid see-through-plastic as well and I was equally amazed by it's optical behaviour.

    Oh yeah, and the girl went batshit insane motherfucking crazy, dunno if manslaugther occured, was still playing with the plastic-thingy...

  2. hahaha ah max you're so funny! great story too. I know the plastic thingi is so much fun to play with, magic! Xx