29 April 2011

Byron Bay Bluesfest

So Malli and me went to the Byron Bay Blues fest on the last day of the festival. But it didn't start that well...

With a hangover, stress and a weak psychic I puked a few times on the way to Byron Bay, mmmh great start. 

Finally arriving it's raining like hell and the ground was just a field of mud that you sank deep in to. Naive as we were we only had canvas shoes on us that of course got soaked with wet mud straight away. Wiiieee another great start. Cold and wet foots for the next 20 hours! Then we realised another problem: We forgot to bring cash. The $20 we found in our pockets wouldn't feed or get us close to drunk. And according to the festival map there was no way to pay with card and there were NO ATM's. GREAT! here we were wet, cold, no money and I was still feeling sick. 

We had a second look at the map and saw a symbol for ATM’s.. Strange, it said that there were none? So we followed the map and BOOM there stood 3 cash machines ready to pump money. Wohoo finally some luck, we bought some food, a few beers and everything seemed a lot nicer.

But our feet were still wet. No way I was gonna walk around in these muddy shoes for the rest of the day. So we went by the tent were they sold gumboots. $*Ka-ching*$ Yeah! Dry warm feet, cold beer, awesome music and hippies- now we’re talking.

We saw a guy Kim Churchill, little bit like Xavier Rudd but without the didgeridoo. And he really blew us away, he had so much energy and are really talented. Check him out folks!

We camped close to one of the big stages to wait for the main attractions, and saw a few random artists. But the reason we were there was of course for Elvis Costello and BOB DYLAN!

I recon these guys were very happy about the rain and mud 
because they had heaps of fun crawling around in it..

Mr. Costello is so cool. And he really got the audience to rock with him. And Mr. Dylan, WHOO what a guy. Even tho he’s so old and his voice is cracking and rusty he gave us a concert we’ll never forget. Great pick of songs and very good versions of them. Bob Dylan: I have a crush on you.

I know the pics are so bad, but its hard to get a good one
with a bad camera and e few meters away. 
But here he is: Mr.Bob Dylan him self!

So after all music, all beers and all nice people, the festival ground closed down. And since me and Malli didn’t have any luck finding a hostel for the night, the search began for a place to sleep. After walking around for a while we decided to set up our nest near the bus stop since the bus was picking us up 6 in the morning. We found a big traffic sign to lie on and had a half open party tent that protected us from the cold wind and icy rain. It was a horrible night. So bloody cold and uncomfortable but we made it trough and everything was totally worth it because it was one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to.  


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