17 August 2011

Fear and Loathing in Bangkok

Ok, here I am, back to new adventures and backpacker land. First stop is Bangkok; Loud, hot and smelly. And I love it. Even tho both me and Malli are white as ghosts and it screams TOURIST on our foreheads, it's awesome to get away from the western lifestyle to feed our gypsy genes with new culture, faces and experiences.

Tonight we're going to have a shopping spree at KhaoSan Road. It's THE place to be and shop as a backpacker. Usually I avoid these kind of places but I just have to suck it up and allow my self to be seen as a backpacker, since it's very hard to get away with it anyway with blue eyes and blondish hair. You just can't win. I just hope for a tan soon so I don't look like a complete newbie in Thailand.

I'm gonna update as much as possible with pics and so on. It just depends on the internet availability.



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