18 August 2011

Vodka red bull and pool

The other night we decided to just chill and have a few beers in a bar close to our guesthouse. It was very relaxing and we played some backgammon. Of course we started to play for drinks to make it more interesting so a few beers ended up to be I don't know how many vodka red bulls. And then this little Dutch fella Max came along (he was like 11) and wanted to play some pool for money, it was only for like $1 so we agreed to play with him. And he was pretty good so he always won and made it double or nothing. Then his mum came along but she was really cool and we had some interesting conversations.

The evening ended when Malli finally won and Max started sulking in a corner. His mum didn't care, she just said he has to learn that you lose sometimes. At this point I was so pissed anyway so it was time to call it for the night. We grabbed some street food on our way back and the whole night and day after I was vomiting all over the place. Good times!



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