10 June 2011

Online Window Shopping

These days the only shopping I do is for things I really need, and then I mean REALLY need or of course window shopping. First of all I feel it's so unnecessary to spend heaps of money on it, I rather spend more time and money travelling than having a big wardrobe. which brings us to the second reason: I don't want to throw away half of my clothes since "travel light" is a motto Im intend to follow. Ha! Im already going to trow away heaps of stuff so why spend money on something Im going to trow away, kinda stupid huh?!

But some times I just feel like buying new fresh clothes and stuff I usually would wear to feel like myself again. I have no style at the moment. 

Anyway here's few of my favourites from the online window shopping today:

Secondhand Military hat.
Will make any outfit look good.

Bomber jacket & Second skin Jeans
from Cheap Monday

Black dress from Revolve clothing.
White leather vest.

Crochet dress from Revolve Clothing.
Chiffon dress from H&M. 


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