05 June 2011


I made a little map over India and where I would like to go when ever we get our thumbs out of our butts to actually start some real travelling. The "plan" is to go to Thailand first, just chilling, get a tan, do some shopping. Then fly over to India. These are just a few places I find interesting to go to, I know I prob wont see them all and a few other places will come along instead. Nepal would be cool to see as well but we'll se what happens. So far have my plans since i left sweden (19 months ago, that was suppose to be 4 months) not turned out as I planned them at all, which been both positive and negative. The point is, I won't make any plans, just have guidelines what I want to do and go, then see what happens. That worked out so far so I'm sticking to it.


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