30 May 2011

Travel fever

AAaaaaah! Today I got TRAVEL-FEVER (to make a swedish expression english) I just wanna go away to a new, warm, exciting place with different people. Can't stand all these stuck-up people that surround us right now. I'm feeling unfriendly and has become a human hater lately for no reason really. So I think I really need to change environment and meet new kinds of people, be in a different situation and enjoy life a little bit more. 

Right now I don't even have the energy to make new friends because I know that I'm gonna leave soon and never see them again anyway, just a waste of time and soul. But to be honest: I haven't  met that many people I wanna hang around with here anyway. The people I've met that I DO like, is away on travels now, going back home soon or living 600 miles away or on the other side of the world. woo-pi-doo.

I guess it's the way it is when you live like a  gypsy. Maybe Im just sick of the city life. When we leave this place for another i'm gonna rent a little hut on the beach sleep in a hammock and eat coconuts all day long and just be. That's exactly how I wanna live. No luxury, no unnecessary material shit just the ocean, sand between my toes, some music and nice people around me.


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