13 May 2011

Cozy Friday

Even tho it was friday 13th, it was a very nice day. After work Malli and me went to the shopping mall close to work to buy some warm clothes since its freezing cold in the mornings and evenings. During the day its very nice, the sun is shining and it's like +20.  But the mornings is horrible and the warehouse is like a fridge, so it was time to buy some warm clothes, everything from hoodies, long pants, hats, Uggs, knitted socks bla bla bla.. yeah you get the picture.

After the shopping spree we bought pizza and heaps of candy to have a really cozy friday and watch the second semi final of the Eurovision song contest. Mmm pizza I haven't had real pizza since I was in Sydney which is about..... 9 months ago, Oh! We avoided to read the news all day so we wouldn't know which countries that made it to the final and ruin the whole show. 

All of my favourites went trough. And even Sweden got a spot in the final. But I think that's the end of Sweden's luck in this competition.


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