16 February 2011

Omalleys got talent

Last year I performed in O'malley's talent competition. O'malley's was our local pub in Kings Kross, kinda like our second home. Anyway, a few of you already seen this, but I just want to highlight this moment.. You must keep in mind that the whole idea behind my performances was to do something different. NOT to be one of those girls who get up on the stage looking cute, singing a cute song and think they can sing- BORING!!!!

I know I can't sing very well, but at least I dared to go up on the stage and do my thing, I picked odd songs, danced like a geek on LSD and the fucking singing... it's soo BAD, but hey this ones is on me! enjoy and laugh!

(and believe it or not I actually got a golden ticket for the final)

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