23 October 2011

Wanna go to the beach biaatch

I know I'm jumping in time now, but it's nothing worth telling between the camel safari and were we are right now which is Arambol in Goa. A really cool and relaxed beach town. The high season haven't started yet so it's quite calm and not too many tourists. And everywhere they're building up huts , restaurants and little shops preparing for the invasion of white people later on.

We spend our days mostly on the beach and in the sea trying to surf the big waves. The currents here are very, very strong so I find myself under water most of the time tumbling around like a little rag doll. Malli loves it and just bought a bodyboard so he plays in the water for hours.

The evenings are dedicated to get pissed. Since the lack of beer in Rishikesh it's hard to resist now when it's so available and cheap. And all along the beach is these cozy and inviting little restaurants with tables, cushions and sofas right on the beach. When you see it from the distance it's like a sea of lights coming from all the candles on the tables, it's just beautiful.

Beware of walking on the beach after midnight tho. Then you might bump into Indian police. It happened to us the second night.
"Where you from?"
"This it not Germany. What time is it?"
The police pointed his flashlight over his watch impossible to see what time it was.
"We don't know, we don't have a watch.." Then a big wave hit the beach.
"Look out for the wave!" Malli said, and then the policemen just left. Fucking DICKHEADS. They were just bored and wanted to show some authority, I can't stand that shit. Military, police, whatever, making themselves more important than they really are. It's just pure shite!

Otherwise it's very nice here. Of course the beaches are full of rubbish which is a real shame. It brakes your heart to see something that could be so close to paradise be destroyed like this. But what can you do? It's India, it's hard to change 1 billion people's habits.

(sorry for the lack of pictures. But for some reason I feel uncomfortable every time I get out the camera)


Location:Arambol, Goa

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