30 December 2010

When did humans stop being humans?

I have no idea when we humans stopped act like… Well yeah humans. No idea. Very often lately I feel like everyone is so fixated with rules about this life we’re living, our behaviour, career, family and how other people should be and live their life. I know we always had rules like this, rules that tells us how to speak, eat, dress, how too look and so on and so on… Its no news I know. But lately the pressure have made us humans totally lost our minds. Its like we’re scared of thinking by our self so we make up this rules that tells us how to live and interact with each other and then its ok, we’ve been confirmed that we’re doing right, at least according to the rules. What our heart say has nothing to do with it.

You’re not allowed to do this and that. If you wanna hang out with us you got to do this and ware that. If you don’t have sex you’re nerd if you screw to many you’re a slut. Don’t speak in the trains, don’t drink on the streets, don’t do drugs, don’t be fat, don’t be single, don’t be ugly, don’t sleep with your boss, don’t say what you think if its not mainstream, don’t be yourself. Many don’ts and no dos in this modern society.

It feels like we’re taking ten steps back instead of one step forwards. What happened with the free and liberal human? What happened with less is more, follow your dreams, do what makes you happy, be friends with whom you want, the freedom to speak your mind? what happened with peace love and understanding? Is it worth nothing in this plastic world?

A brave little man founded a site called wikileaks, told us the truth and the big powerful country started to cry boohoo. They hunted him down for a thing he was accused for years and years ago because they wanted nail the little bastard who told the world what they really are about, that they’re bad and do wrong. What HE did wasn’t wrong folks. He gave us the truth, something everyone wants. And he has to suffer for that just because, yes that’s right- we humans stopped being human.

I think I got to the point in this story so I’m gonna get my hippie arse out of here and continue my liberal rock’n’roll life. Stay cool, be free and do whatever stupid shit I would do. Be a crack head.


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  1. yeah, it's like the jim carrey movie: the human show....