28 December 2010

Bye bye blog virginity

 So here I am.  I’m starting a blog. Something I said to my self I would never ever do. “Blogs are just for people with disgusting big egos who think their life is soo interesting that they just have to share it with other people”. It doesn’t matter if their blog is about shopping useless stuff, cooking amazing food, going to the gym, how cute their baby is, gossip about famous people or who they’ve fucked…  The point is, people DO read this shit so I’m going to share my shit with all of you whatever you find it interesting or not.

I’m from Sweden but I’m going to write in English so my friends out there in the world also can read all about my useless knowledge, adventures and stupid thoughts I have. So if my langue isn’t correct all the time you know why. Shall we begin? OK. Let me give you a recap how my life is at the moment because I know you’re so curious about it, Am I right huh? It feels like it’s the easiest way to start this rock’ n’ roll show anyway.  Here it is:

Living in: Brisbane. Working at a: Warehouse. Weather: Shit loads of rain. Together with: Sexy German. Future plans: Travel the world. Activities: working, cuddle, party, working, cuddle, party. Status: Never been happier, living the Gypsy life I always wanted.  

I guess that’s all for now. I have no idea how this blog is going to turn out. I guess it will be full of bullshit like any other private blog. But remember: All good things in life requires patience.


Highlights from Australia

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