25 September 2011

Holy Varanasi

After waiting 11 hours at the train station since the train was delayed we finally got on the night train to Varanasi. Or so we thought. For some reason the train took another turn and we ended up in Allahabad instead. What a little dump that city is. But at least it did have some restaurants compared to New Jaipuguri that had none. Ah well we just had to spend the night there because after 17 hours on a train and try to get to another one the same day isn't the best when you're tired and cranky.

The next day we finally reached Varanasi, the city older than history itself. I must say I really like it. The small and narrow alleys some of them only 1,5 meters wide that builds up the city and Ganges running through, gives it a lot of character. Of course it's hardcore to walk in the alleys with hundreds of other people, motorbikes, holy cows and monkeys everywhere trying to get through and be aware of all the cow shit lying around. I only stomped in it once with my flip-flops, not the most pleasant feeling, but shit happens.

The people here bother you a lot, they start off friendly asking you were you're from and what you think of India and so on but in the end they always wanna show you their silk shop or restaurant and if you say NO NO NO to all of it they try a last desperate move and play the drug card, Hashish? Weed? LSD? Bah! I just wanna stroll around and enjoy the chaos of the city not be hassled for money buying a fake silk scarf or placebo drugs.

Of course we were in Varanasi little bit to early so gangers was very high from the rain season and it wasn't possible to stroll along it to watch people taking a bath or doing the laundry or watch burnings like you normally can. Too bad since that is like 70% of Varanasi. We saw a little of a burning tho, but of course an Indian guy came and annoyed us like hell so we left after just a few minutes. And we did see a ceremony to purify the water in gangers that was pretty cool. It's definitely a city I want to revisit to get the full experience.

Right now were on a train (what a surprise) to Rishikesh. Suppose to be very relaxing, the mekka of yoga and were The Beatles hung out in the late 60's writing song for the White Album.


Location:Varanasi, Allahabad

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