27 May 2013

Rancho Relaxo

My last night in colombia was spent at a newly built "farm" called Rancho Relaxo owned by one Australian and 5 Canadians. They very recently started this place and will official open for tourists next month. So me and a English girl got a preview before any one else! For now it's a big house with dorm rooms and a outside kitchen. They have their own small waterfall with pool you can swim in. We (inviga) by skinny dipping in the night after a few cocktails. They have two dogs and heaps of chickens, a garden with herbs and vegetables, a mango tree and their very own masseuse which we also tried! It's a perfect place to relax or party if that's what you want, rom, vodka, cranberry gin, whiskey even something called snakebite... Beware of that one;) the guys who owns it is awesome and very relaxed! Defiantly one of the best days and worst hangovers here in Colombia!

Catch you on the flip side!
- Xx Yella

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