09 May 2013

Lost in paradise

A week on a remote beach, white sand, crystal clear water, no Internet, only electricity at night powered by generators, living in a tiny hut with palm leafs as a roof, eating freshly caught fish, drinking coco water, listening to live Latin music, dozing off in the gaze of the sun and falling asleep to the waves thundering next to you. That's Playa Blanca in Colombia and where I spent my last week.

I got there by bus/ferry/motorbike. I was very lucky to run into a Colombian artist named Dickson with a motorbike willing to take me all the way to playa blanca. Sitting there on the bike roaming trough the scruffy roads, barely able to see because of the rain, it suddenly hit me, if the bike crashes I'm fucked, I'm dead. But it was all good, steady as a rock Dickson took me around the island showing me his artwork in fancy resorts and helping me out to find a place to stay and bargain for me, such a nice guy!

The days were spent on the beach snoozing in the sun and cooling off in the sea. The evenings I went to various bar shacks eating and drinking local specialties and hanging out with any people that would be around. It was a mix of one-night-tourists , local Colombians and Latin American season workers. Practicing my Spanish and jamming with the latin musicians.

Life was easy, even tho the toilets is only a wobbly stinky seat with no regular flush, and cold showers from a bucket- This IS paradise and a paradise very easy to get lost in.

Catch you on the flip side!
- Xx Yella

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