15 February 2013

Tattoo session in BA

So I decided to get myself a souvenir from Argentina. Maybe not the one you would expect. Usually it's a cup or t-shirt with "I ❤ Argentina" written on it. That's not my thing. I got a tattoo instead. I went to a place on avenida Santa Fe, called LC INK. The tattoo artists name is Gastón and he made an awesome job! Even tho my Spanish is so bad and Gastón doesn't know any English he understood exactly what I wanted, with colors and everything! I'm soo happy about my new tattoo!
4 hours of pain. A few confused conversations about traveling, football and tattoos. Dripping in sweat since the fan wasn't working and 1000 Argentina Pesos (~1300 SEK) poorer equals one happy and exhausted Swedish girl.

Catch you on the flip side!
- Xx Yella

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