07 February 2013

Arrived in BA

after about 18 hours on 3 different planes. 3 hours in passport control and customs and finding my bag just by luck, I'm finally at my hostel in Buenos Aires. The taxi ride from the airport was my first language test. "Soy sueca..." Aaaa fútbol Argentina y Suecia. Messi Messi Messi si sí. Zlatan muy bien! Cant believe my first conversation was about football, but I made myself understood at least.
Other than settling in my hostel I've been checking out the neighborhood, walking up and down the streets. And as pale and blond as I am it's pretty hard to blend in. The comments from sweaty Latino men are hard to avoid, at this point I'm just happy that I barely understand what they're actually saying so I can ignore them:) that's it for now I recon, I will turn my focus back to my cold beer and enjoy the sun.

Catch you on the flip side!
- Xx Yella

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