11 February 2013

Karaoke Argentina style

last night we met two guys from chile. And I rediscovered that drinking games is still the best way to get to know people even tho you don't speak the same language. And it makes it way easier to learn Spanish (in this case). "Rojo o negro? Más o menos? Ay ay ay! puta madre! Todos tomamos!" After socializing trough drinking heaps of beer we decided to go out. Never have I've been able to go out to a bar 3 o'clock at night on a Sunday, happy days! We found this small and tacky bar with karaoke.. Not my favorite kind of bar but with the alcohol floating in our vanes me and the American girl Lenore couldn't resist go up on the little wooden stage and give it a shot. The song list was very poor when it came to songs in English and the guy who "hosted" the karaoke sang most of the time so mine and Lenores' performance were very much appreciated among the locals in the audience.

Catch you on the flip side!
- Xx Yella

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