08 January 2011

Live fast die young

We all know life is short. And what you do with your life is up to you. If you let some other fucker tell you how to live your life you’re wasting it that’s for sure.  I don’t wanna sit old and grumpy in my old scruffy stinky couch watching TV thinking: “what happened with my life?  Is this it? Why didn’t I do this or that?”  Life is to short for regrets. So tell me what do you wanna do before you die or are too old to do it..?

This is a few silly things I wanna do before my heart stop beating or my mind is damage of  old people diseases. And I pretty sure more things will be added to the list later on.

Travel the world
See all my favourite artists/bands LIVE
Get married in Las Vegas
Play in a band
Ride an elephant and a camel
Meet Tom Waits
Piss on Hitlers grave

Yeah then I would either die happy or sit in my old scruffy stinky couch happy.

Live fast die young people!


Is this how me and Malli would look like if we get old?

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