24 January 2011


For our new home we needed heeeeeeeaps of stuff. So we decided to go to IKEA for a shopping spree.  Potts, pans, cutlery, knifes, plates, glasses, pillows, bed linen, lamps... you name it- we bought it! And to make it a little bit more exciting we brought passion pop dressed up like ice tea.

We pretty soon adopted the IKEA elk who sat in the kids seat in the trolley, but he was  such a rascal and tried to steal our passion  all the time so we put him in a glass jar as punishment for the rest of the day.

Then it was time for fashion show. It's amazing how variably the IKEA stuff is!
Here we have the IKEA "ESCIMO" and the IKEA " NÄCKEN".

On the way home we found a trolley, how convenient! But I tell you it was a struggle to push it all the way up the hill to our house, but it was totally worth it when a 6-pack of cold beers were waiting at the top!

Thank you Ingvar Kamprad, you saved our home!


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