22 November 2011

A paus for a portion of western culture

Ok enough of this travel talk for a while. Today we went to the cinema to watch TinTin. Both me and Malli been longing for this movie for so long and our expectations were higher than Mount Everest. Aaaannnnd.... Bombombombom... (epic drum roll) It was really good! Every frame is like a feast for your eyes. A sprinkle of caramel. The details and the tempo is just amazing. I'm very impressed how good it looks and they totally captured the humor from the comics. But (it's always a but) I had a hard time to follow the story. Maybe the tempo was a little bit too fast or it's because I'm not familiar with the story about the unicorn but it's still so entertaining!

One big minus to the cinema we went to tho. In the middle of the movie they stopped it for a commercial brake.. WHAT THE FUCK! A brake in a movie just 1,5 hours long??? What a stupid, stupid thing. But what do I know maybe they always do that in cinemas in Nepal. It's really annoying that's for sure.



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