15 February 2017

Crochet skull pattern for FREE!

Wow, when I one dark and cold winter day sat down to crochet, I would never have guessed how popular that little skull would be, even now several years later. 

Over the years I've got many requests for the pattern after I removed it from the blog (I had my reasons) but I gladly shared it to those who asked for it! 

Today Im feeling very generous, so I will post the pattern once again! 

It's only pictures since I don't know a single f*king word in this magical language that exist in the crochet world. I leave that up to you! Comment and help each other out and I'm sure you will create beautiful angry skulls!

Good luck and thank you all so much for reading my weird little blog :)


  1. do you have this pattern still? if so could you email it to me, please? thanks!!graphicphotobug@gmail.com

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  4. Could you please email this pattern?
    My email is terryh49@frontier.com and all

  5. Would love a written pattern if available?